Skip to main content CEO Marissa Mayer courts controversy by saying that porn sites can stay a

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer said that the company does not 'intend' to take down any of the porn-heavy sites that are run on Tumblr after the tech giant acquired the blogging platform for $1.1billion.

The sale created a great deal of uproar from Tumblr purists who fear that Yahoo's involvement will dramatically alter the platform that they know and love, but Mayer has done her best to tone down those concerns.
Asked whether she was planning to address the X-rated sites hosted on Tumblr- like 'Red Hot Porn', 'Secretary Sex' and 'Porn and Weed'- since they are less 'brand safe' she said no.
'I think the richness and breadth of content available on Tumblr- even though it may not be as brand safe as what's on our site- is what's really exciting and allows us to reach even more users,' she said on Monday.
'One of the ways to start measuring our growth story here is around traffic and users, and this obviously produces a lot of that.
'In terms of how to address advertisers' concerns around brand safety, we need to have good tools for targeting.'
The 26-year-old Tumblr founder David Karp does not seem to be very concerned with 'brand safety' at all as he signed his note to readers informing them of the sale with a pithy: 'F*** yeah'.
During a conference call, Mayer alluded to another tech giant by quoting a line from the film The Social Network which was a narrative account of the founding of Facebook.
'It's like the line from The Social Network movie: "Why would you monetize it? You don't even know what 'it' is yet,"' she told investors.
'In terms of the integration between the two sites, we plan to operate and brand and grow Tumblr separately from Yahoo.


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