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Germany’s 2021 tax filing deadline is no longer July 31

  Germany’s 2021 tax filing deadline is no longer July 31 Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the federal government has adjusted the deadline for tax returns, and the deadline for filing tax returns in 2021 is no longer July 31. Tax audits German tax and auditing authorities can regularly conduct comprehensive tax audits of taxpayers and individuals, as well as special audits of specific taxes or specific transactions. In general, the larger the enterprise, the more frequent and thorough the audit. punish If a taxpayer’s filing is delayed, the tax authorities may impose a fine of up to 10% of the assessed tax amount. For taxes with a fixed payment date, a late fee of 1% of the tax payable is added each month if it is not paid on time. For more information, see  Steuererklärung  to answer your tax knowledge. Die Steuererklärungsfrist in Deutschland für 2021 ist nicht mehr der 31. Juli Aufgrund der Auswirkungen der neuen Corona-Epidemie hat die Bundesregierung die Frist für die